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International Journal of Political Science and Development

Vol. 5(4), pp. 123-144, June, 2017.  

ISSN: 2360-784X


IJPSD is Indexed by SJIF Scientific Journal Impact Factor =score given SJIF = 4.386

Index Copernicus (Impact Factor) =7.70


Table of Content: June 2017; 5(4)


Research Paper



Teferi Mengistu Mekonen

A Unabated Civil war in Syria

 ABSTRACT   FULL TEXT [PDF]  5(4): 123-132     DOI: 10.14662/IJPSD2017.020  (June 2017)



Musa Zakari and Yahaya Sadiq Abubakar

Information Technology (IT) Policy and Its Effect on Youth Empowerment in Developing Countries: Perspective of Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Initiatives in ICT

 ABSTRACT   FULL TEXT [PDF]  5(4): 133-144     DOI: 10.14662/IJPSD2017.022  (June 2017)


Current Issue: June 2017


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