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International Journal of Political Science and Development

Vol. 3(5), pp. 199206, May, 2015.  

DOI: 10.14662/IJPSD2015.029

ISSN: 2360-784X



Research Paper



Nigeria At War With Herself -The Boko Haram Insurgency: Peace Restoration and Sustainable Development


Ukwuije, Chima B.


Department of Theatre Arts, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, P. M. B. 1033, Owerri, Imo State Nigeria.

E-mail: bonchuk2002@gmail.com


Accepted 27 May 2015




Ordinarily, Nigerians will say that the civil war ended in 1970, but it simply marked the end of the three consecutive years of genocidal gun battle between Nigeria and the Biafra. Ever since that war stopped, Nigeria has constantly engaged herself in intra state war, appearing in different nomenclature. This has affected economic activities, political processes, administrative convenience, infrastructure development and social life of the citizens. With this being the situation Nigeria is facing, sustainable development is grossly hampered. The researcher, through extensive consultation with relevant literature, tried to identify reasons for the deterioration of peace in Nigeria and argued that the problem of Nigerians is not beyond what we can handle. It only requires Nigerians' concerted effort to meaningfully jaw-jaw so as to proffer long lasting solutions to the persistent chaotic atmosphere based on the general understanding that Nigeria is our own country which we depend on each other for individual and collective survival. The paper suggests that regionalism; ethnicity, religious dissimilarity and so many other ill interpreted concepts should not be allowed to play front role in our national discourse, so that landmark achievements can be actualized, sustained and expanded.

Keywords: peace, restoration, roadmap, sustainable development, war


Cite This Article As: Ukwuije CB (2015). Nigeria At War With Herself -The Boko Haram Insurgency: Peace Restoration and Sustainable Development. Inter. J. Polit. Sci. Develop. 3(5): 199-206






Current Issue: May 2015


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  Vol. 3 No. 5

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