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International Journal of Political Science and Development

Vol. 2(6), pp. 118 139, June, 2014

DOI: 10.14662/IJPSD2014.028

ISSN: 2360-784X

Full Length Research

Zimbabwe and Malawi’s political and electoral intricacies: a comparative analysis


Jephias Mapuva


Bindura University of Science Education, Department of Geography and Development Studies, P.O. Box 1020, Bindura,

Zimbabwe. Email: mapuva@cooltoad.com


Accepted 16 June 2014




Zimbabwe and Malawi, while sharing a common historical background, have presented divergent political and socio-economic attributes. However, despite the two countries having shared the platform during the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland between 1953 and 1963, the attainment of political independence for each of these countries paved the way for the political nuances that prevailed in the post-colonial era. Democratic practice has been presented in each of these countries by the way they held and continue to hold elections. Electoral institutions and the attendant electoral management bodies in the two countries have shaped the politics of the two countries. The role of civil society has in the electoral processes in each of the two countries have also helped to shed light on the restrictiveness and/or transparency of the polls in each of the countries. This paper deliberates on the electoral intricacies that have obtained in each of the two countries.

Keywords: Zimbabwe; Malawi; Elections; Electoral processes; intricacies; transparency; civil society; electoral management bodies.








Current Issue: June 2014


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Inter. J. Polit. Sci. Develop.

  Vol. 2 No. 6

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