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International Journal of Political Science and Development

Vol. 2(4), pp. 43 57, April, 2014

DOI: 10.14662/IJPSD2014.015

 ISSN: 2360-784X

Full Length Research

Political leadership and the future of Tanzania: a historical-theological examination


Godson S. Maanga


SMMUCo Mwika Campus, P.O. Box 3050, MOSHI, Tanzania. E-mail: godsonmaanga@yahoo.com


Accepted 10 April 2014




The paper aimed at examining the historical development and the role of political leadership in Tanzania, using historical sources as well as presenting a theological interpretation and commentary on the past, present and future political spectrum in the country. It is a paper which came up with four main findings: in Tanzania there is no clear connectivity between the current political leadership and the future aspirations; political leadership and economic development in the past have been done haphazardly by political leaders and economic planners; most political strategies in the country have failed to take off because they are mostly theoretical rather than practical; and social maladies like corruption and unaccountability are some of the factors behind the failure of development initiatives in the country. Political leadership in Tanzania has passed through a number of economic plans introduced in the form of ideologies (e.g. socialism and the African mode of capitalism) and politico-economic reforms such as nationalization, privatization, structural adjustment, and globalization. Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025 was accorded specific attention in the paper, to see how it fits in the historical-theological analysis of political leadership in the country. In the light of the main findings and in its historical-theological context, the paper approached the theme from evangelicalism and a few recommendations were made as the way forward.

Key words: political leadership, political history, political pluralism, the future of Tanzania.



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Current Issue: April 2014


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Inter. J. Polit. Sci. Develop.

  Vol. 2 No. 4

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