International Journal of English Literature and Culture

International Journal of English Literature and Culture

Vol. 4(1), pp. 9-11, January, 2016

 ISSN: 2360-7831

DOI: 10.14662/IJELC2016.005


Review paper


The Class: Outset and Upsurge


R. Gnanasekaran


Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Science, IFET College of Engineering.

E-mail: gnanasekaranpdy@gmail.com


Accepted 31 January 2016




The study mirrors an endeavor to clarify the objectives of Class, and the hypothesis fundamental this development. It contends that class battles, or the abuse of one class by another, are the spurring power behind every single verifiable advancement. Class associations are described by a period's technique for era. In any case, in the long run these connections stop to be perfect with the creating strengths of generation. As of right now, an upset happens and another class develops as the decision one. This procedure speaks to the walk of history as driven by bigger economic strengths.


Key Words: Marx, Engels, Class, Communism, Socialism.


Cite This Article As: R. Gnanasekaran R (2016). The Class: Outset and Upsurge. Inter. J. Eng. Lit. Cult. 4(1): 9-11



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Inter. J. English Lit. Cult.

  Vol. 4 No.1

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