International Journal of English Literature and Culture

International Journal of English Literature and Culture

Vol. 3(1), pp. 19-22, January, 2015

 ISSN: 2360-7831

DOI: 10.14662/IJELC2014.084

Research Paper

Unveiling the Uncanny: A Quest for the Kafkaesque Mode in Harold Pinterís early Plays


Mithun Dutta


Research Scholar, Department of English, Banaras Hindu University. E-mail: mithunduttabhu@gmail.com


Accepted 31 December 2014



Although Kafka and Pinter has worked in different genres of literature, Pinter the playwright has become an admirer as well as the adapter of the German novelist Franz Kafka who has left a tremendous influence upon the dramatic world of Pinter by his style of writing fiction known as Kafkaesque. A thoughtful analysis brings into light how the vast spectrum Pinter has presented in his drama may be associated with the themes and motifs recurrent in the fictional world of Kafka, particularly in his novel The Trial. Pinterís preoccupation, as a playwright, is to give the portrayal of manís universal predicament in a world full of uncanny and menace that can be identified with the feelings of Kafkaís protagonist who has undergone a nightmarish experience after his imprisonment and the following trial.

Keywords: Kafkaesque, manís universal predicament, uncanny, menace, imprisonment

Cite This Article As: Dutta M (2015). Unveiling the Uncanny: A Quest for the Kafkaesque Mode in Harold Pinterís early Plays. Inter. J. Eng. Lit. Cult. 3(1): 19-22



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