International Journal of English Literature and Culture

International Journal of English Literature and Culture

Vol. 3(11), pp. 280-284, December, 2015

 ISSN: 2360-7831

DOI: 10.14662/IJELC2015.093


Review paper


A Contrastive Analysis of English and Arabic from a Syntactical perspective


1Dr. Mowafaq Mohhamad Momani and 2Abeer Muneeer Altaher


1The University of Tabuk– ELC –KSA

2MA In Applied linguistics, Jordan University of Science and Technology


Accepted 11 December 2015




Language is a unique feature of humans. Languages are different from one another. Standard Arabic and Standard English languages, for example, are different but alike. That is, these languages are originally different from one another (Semitic & German) but they do share at least generally some linguistic features at all levels: phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatics’ level. Fields known as Contrastive Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics and Universal Grammar have a lot to do with these areas. This paper is to analysis the contrastive between English and Arabic from syntactical perspective.

Cite This Article As: Momani MM, Altaher AM (2015). A Contrastive Analysis of English and Arabic from a Syntactical perspective. Inter. J. Eng. Lit. Cult. 3(11): 280-284



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Inter. J. English Lit. Cult.

  Vol. 3 No.11

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