International Journal of English Literature and Culture

International Journal of English Literature and Culture

Vol. 2(10), pp. 241-249, October, 2014

 ISSN: 2360-7831

DOI: 10.14662/IJELC2014.069


Reinvention of Folktales as Teleserials


Dr O J Joycee


Associate Professor, PG Department of English and Research Centre, Vimala College, Thrissur, Kerala, India 680 009. E-mail: ojjoycee@gmail.com.  Phone : +09746611892


Accepted 21 October 2014



In India, Television is so personalized and humanized that the space it occupies in the collective psyche is remarkably different from that of the other cultures. To describe the presence of mythical and traditional storytelling elements in television texts as mere residue would be to underestimate the power and presence of the oral literature in India. This paper explores the reinvention of folktale elements in television serials. This is made possible by examining and analyzing the two mediums as texts along with texture and content. The questions addressed include: what are the constants and variables in content and style of folktales and television texts? what is needed to make elements in a folktale serve practical and utilitarian purposes? How does the television maintain, create, reconstruct and transform traditional practices? These broad questions reveal the complexity of the interface of folktales with television serials that could be documented and analyzed through a handful of arbitrarily chosen, conspicuous examples. In short, the world view reflected in teleserials is defined by the culture, society and value system of the viewers, and it is very similar to that expressed in myth and folktales.

Keywords: television, folktale, teleserial, reinvention.


Cite This Article As: Joycee OJ (2014). Reinvention of Folktales as Teleserials. Inter. J. Eng. Lit. Cult. 2(10): 241-249



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Inter. J. English Lit. Cult.

  Vol. 2 No. 10

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