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 International Journal of Economic and Business Management

Vol. 5(3), pp. 62-68,  September, 2017.

ISSN: 2384-6151

DOI: 10.14662/IJEBM2017.014



Full Length Research


Performance of Multi-Purpose Agricultural Cooperatives in Woliata Zone, Southern Ethiopia


1Merihun Fikru Meja and 2Endrias Geta (PhD)


1Dean of Woliata Sodo Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training College, South Nations and Nationalities of People Region, Ethiopia, Email: fikru136@gmail.com,  Mobile: +251 911 968 548 or +251 966 961 395

2Senior Researcher and Coordinator, Socioeconomics Research Program, South Agricultural Research Institute, Ethiopia, Mobile: +251916868202, Email: geta.endrias@gmail.com


Accepted 11 September 2017



The study was undertaken to evaluate the performance of multi-purpose primary cooperatives in rural areas of Woliata zone. As objective of this study, it was determined the performance levels of multi-purpose primary cooperativesand examined factors affecting performance. The data were collected from both primary sources (by making use of open and closed–ended questionnaire, observation, checklists prepared for focus group discussion and semi-structured interview) and, secondary sources (sectorial strategic plans and annual reports of each selected cooperatives) in the study area. The study cooperatives (12) were selected purposively from the Woredas and stratified random sampling was used for respondent selection. The data were analysed using quantitative and qualitative methods. The ratios measure was used to assess the financial situation of the cooperatives. As the result, in 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17 fiscal years the average current ratios of 12 cooperatives, were 2.149, 1.169 and 2.419, respectively. The highest 8.313, 2.490 and 7.404and the lowest 0.001, 0.013 and 0.011 current ratios of 12 cooperatives in the fiscal years were not satisfactory, respectively. The current liabilities were being increased faster than their current assets. This implies the multi-purpose cooperatives were at risk in different financial analysis.

Key words:
Cooperatives, Financial ratios, performance, Costs, profit, Members’ trust


Cite This Article As: Meja MF, Geta E (2017). Performance of Multi-Purpose Agricultural Cooperatives in Woliata Zone, Southern Ethiopia. Inter. J. Econ. Bus. Manage. 5(3): 62-68.



Current Issue:  September 2017


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  Vol. 5 No. 3

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