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 International Journal of Economic and Business Management

Vol. 5(2), pp. 29-43,  August, 2017.

ISSN: 2384-6151

DOI: 10.14662/IJEBM2017.013



Full Length Research


Industrialization Strategy for Nepalese Carpet Industry


Jeong, Ji Young1 and Pandey, Deelip Raj2


1Professor of International Trade, Chonbuk National University

2PhD Student of International Trade, Chonbuk National University,

Email: deelip_pandey@yahoo.com


Accepted 25 August 2017



Succeed of one appropriate industry can able to change the fate of developing nation. Every developed country across the world had such an industry which really supported to get their economic growth. As we know that Nepal is developing country so it really needed the industry which has its comparative gain. In this context carpet industry could be the mile stone for economic growth. The carpet industry, is one of the famous industry that has been spread widely across the world, the extent of the carpet industry depends on the availability of raw materials, presence of skilled weavers, presence of a tradition of weaving art, etc. Every nation takes on the art differently and has a special taste, preference, designs, quality, and colors imparted to it, which makes a finished rug, a unique product specific to the region. In Nepal, this industry means one of the country's top foreign currency earners by exporting its products to over three dozen countries world widely. Germany, the US, Belgium, Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Canada and Italy are the major markets for Nepali woolen carpets. Carpet industry of Nepal keeps the art of Nepalese culture and traditions. It can plays the vital role for Nepalese economic development because Nepal is an agricultural country and carpet industry is also related to agricultural because of the raw material wool. We can say that it is the industry of manufacturing agricultural industry. Moreover it is also the labor incentive industry, the country like Nepal, needs exactly the same as it can utilize its labor force. But however carpet industry of Nepal is facing the problems and it is in the great depression it needs a lot of security for recover. So in this paper I addressed not only the problems but also put some light for the solution means the appropriate strategies in order to recover its worth and show its potential on the contribution for the nation’s development.

Key Words:
Carpets, Developing Countries, Economic Growth, Industries, Nepal.


Cite This Article As: Jeong JY, Pandey DR (2017). Industrialization Strategy for Nepalese Carpet Industry Inter. J. Econ. Bus. Manage. 5(2): 29-43.



Current Issue:  August 2017


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Inter. J. Econ. Bus. Manage.

  Vol. 5 No. 2

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