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International Journal of Academic Library and Information Science

Vol. 4(7), pp. 194197, August, 2016. 

ISSN: 2360-7858

DOI: 10.14662/IJARER2016.041


Full Length Research


E-Learning and Its Impact on Library & Information Services


Dr.Javed  Khan


Assistant Professor, Swami VivekanandSubharti University, Meerut. E-Mail : javedsaim@gmail.com


Accepted 11 August 2016



E-Learning is a continuous process when the learner is unable to attend the traditional methods of learning; E-Learning had implemented is an area in progress that continues to evolve with time and further research. Researchers in the field argue that e-Learning is still in its infancy, resulting into numerous implementation strategies across a wide e-Learning spectrum. E-Learning had revolutionized and democratized the delivery and accessibility of education and has also changed how critical support services such as library and information services are provided. In this paper, it covers meaning of E-Learning, objectives of E-Learning, Advantages of E-Learning, and some of the reasons that institutions and enterprises are turning to e-Learning to help engage learners with ideas and information in revolutionary ways. Finally, it offers practical suggestions for creating digital learning experiences that engage learners by building interest and motivation and providing opportunities for active participation.

Keywords: e-Learning; Virtual Classroom, Mobile Learning, Learning Technology, Information Science.


Cite This Article As: Khan J (2016). E-Learning and Its Impact on Library & Information Services. Inter. J. Acad. Lib. Info. Sci. 4(7): 194-197.





Current Issue:  August 2016


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Inter. J. Acad. Lib. Info Sci.

  Vol. 4 No. 7

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