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International Journal of Academic Library and Information Science

Vol. 4(4), pp. 110116, April, 2016. 

ISSN: 2360-7858

DOI: 10.14662/IJARER2016.027


Full Length Research


Internet Addiction among Undergraduates in Universities in Delta State, Nigeria


1Monday Obaidjevwe Ogbomo (Ph.D) and 2Oghenetega Ivwighreghweta (CLN)


1Department of Library and Information Science, Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State.

E-mail: mogbomo@yahoo.com

2Western Delta University, Oghara, Delta State. Corresponding author’s E-mail: mogbomo@yahoo.com


Accepted 24 May 2016




Internet use has become a common phenomenon of interest among students all over the world. Hence the study investigated Internet addiction among undergraduates in universities in Delta State, Nigeria. Three research questions were answered and one hypothesis tested. The descriptive survey design was employed for this study. The population of the study is 43,500 undergraduates in three universities in Delta State. The sample size for this study is 500. The questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. Data were analyzed using frequency, statistical mean and z-test statistics. Findings from the study revealed that the undergraduates engaged in information searching and usage of social media on the Internet. It was revealed that the undergraduates spent I hour and above on the Internet in a day. It was also found that the undergraduates exhibited high level of Internet addiction and that there was no significant difference between male and female undergraduates and Internet addiction. The study concluded that undergraduates in universities in Delta State are addicted to the Internet and recommendations were made to facilitate treatment of Internet addicted undergraduates by the universities management.

Keywords: Internet; Addiction; Internet addiction; Universities; Undergraduates; Nigeria

Cite This Article As: Ogbomo MO, Ivwighreghweta O (2016). Internet Addiction among Undergraduates in Universities in Delta State, Nigeria. Inter. J. Acad. Lib. Info. Sci. 4(4): 110-116.





Current Issue:  April 2016


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  Vol. 4 No. 4

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