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Academic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Research 

Vol. 4(4), pp. 139-153. July, 2016.

ISSN: 2360-7874 

 DOI: 10.14662/ARJASR2016.018


Full Length Research

Soil Characterization and Response of Triticale (X Triticosecale WITTMACK) to Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer Rates at Debretabor Area


Endalkachew Fekadu


Soil and Water Resource Management Department, Woldia University, Ethiopia.


Accepted 5 July 2016



Low and declining soil fertility are among the major factors responsible for the poor productivity of the small scale rainfed crop farming in most of the Ethiopian highlands. Thus, soil characterization and field experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of applied N and P fertilizer rates on grain yield and yield components for triticale (Triticosecale wittmack L.) production on soils of Wabela, around Debretabor area, Amhara National Regional State (ANRS). The experiment involved factorial combinations of four rates of N (0, 23, 46 and 69 kg ha-1) and P (0, 10, 20 and 30 kg ha-1) laid down in RCBD with three replications. Soil samples were collected from freshly opened soil profile on genetic horizon bases and from the experimental plot (0-30 cm depth) before planting and after harvest to study selected soil properties. The moist soil color of the profile was very dark brown (7.5YR 3/3), at the surface and dark grayish brown (10YR 3/3) at the bottom, with clay loam to clayey texture. The bulk density values varied with depth of the profile from 1.01 g cm-3 at the surface layer to 1.23 g cm-3 at the bottom layer. The soil water contents at FC increased with depth except the Bt2 horizon while the soil water contents at PWP increased throughout depth. Soils of the profile indicated that the soil of the site was moderately to slightly acidic in reaction (pH 5.74 to 6.02), high to low in OM (6.46 to 2.24%), high to medium in its total N (0.41 to 0.13%) and high in available P (26.5 to 21.6 mg kg-1) from the surface to the subsurface horizons. The soil exchange complex was mainly dominated by Ca and Mg where the order of occurrence was Ca > Mg > K > Na. Similarly, the CEC values were very high ranging from 37.88 to 46.22 cmolc kg-1. The available P content of the soil at post harvest increased compared with the pre-sowing status due to residual effects from the highest P rate (30 kg P ha-1). The application of different rates of N fertilizer significantly (P ≤ 0.01) influenced all the tested crop parameters. On the other hand, the main effect of P fertilizer and its interaction with N was found to be non-significant with all the crop characters. The significantly different and highest plant height (89.2 cm), fertile tillers (304.6), spike number (356.3), grain per spike (48.4) and spike length (10.9 cm) were obtained from application of the highest N rate (69 kg N ha-1) whereas the minimum records were obtained from the control plot. Similarly, the highest grain yield (2769.7 kg ha-1), straw yield (4212.2 kg ha-1), total biomass yield (6981.8 kg ha-1) and 1000 grains weight (36.9 g) were obtained from application of the highest N rate while showing a decreasing trend with declining N rate. Thus, farmers at the Wabela Peasant Association need tentatively to apply 69 kg N ha−1 without P in order to improve the grain yield and yield components of triticale grown on Haplic Luvisols under rain fed conditions.

Keywords: Titicale, Debretabor, Luvisols


How to cite this article: Fekadu E (2016). Soil Characterization and Response of Triticale (X Triticosecale WITTMACK) to Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer Rates at Debretabor Area. Acad. Res. J. Agri. Sci. Res. 4(4): 139-153




Current Issue: July 2016


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  Vol. 4 No. 4

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