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Academic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Research 

Vol. 3(6), pp. 137-141. June, 2015.

ISSN: 2360-7874 

 DOI: 10.14662/ARJASR2015.037


Full Length Research

Imidacloprid changes period mRNA level in the brain of forager honey bee, Apis mellifera


Naznin Nahar* and Takeshi Ohtani


*Department of Entomology, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202 (E-mail:;  Contact no: +88-01720320525)

Division of Ecology, Institute of Natural and Environmental Sciences, University of Hyogo, Japan


Accepted 21 May 2015



Honey bee foragers depend on circadian clock of their brain for sun compass navigation, dance communication and timing visits to flowers. Circadian clock is regulated by several clock genes of which period (per) is the most important because of its interaction with other components of the clock. Foragers possess high levels of brain per mRNA relative to younger bees and higher levels of per are required to engage clock-controlled systems in sun compass navigation. Foragers are exposed to pesticides while foraging on different blooming crops. As a consequence, sun compass oriented navigation, return flight to hive and dance communication may disturb due to the bad effect of pesticides on clock system. In this study, we quantify brain per mRNA level of imidacloprid intoxicated foragers to observe whether it hampers the per expression. Imidacloprid treated foragers showed significantly low levels of brain per mRNA compared with untreated foragers. Based on our previous study of homing failure of imidacloprid treated foragers, it may be concluded that imidacloprid disturbed the key clock gene, period and thus caused homing failure of foragers.


Keywords: Circadian clock, foragers, imidacloprid, period mRNA


How to cite this article: Nahar N, Ohtani T (2015). Imidacloprid changes period mRNA level in the brain of forager honey bee, Apis mellifera. Acad. Res. J. Agri. Sci. Res. 3(6):137-141. 




Current Issue: June 2015


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  Vol. 3 No. 6

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