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Academic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Research 

Vol. 3(8), pp. 224-230. August, 2015.

ISSN: 2360-7874 

 DOI: 10.14662/ARJASR2015.043


Full Length Research

Promoting Food Production Through Input Services and Rural Infrastructures


Osuolale,T.O  and Ogunniyi, G.


Department of Agricultural Science, Osun State College of Education Ilesa, Osun State.


Accepted 24 June 2015



Over the decade, the problems of national food nutrition and fibre crises have been on the increase and the ghost chasing the economy is no longer a figment of the imagination. The time has come for a definitive attack. This paper examined the economics of promoting increased food production through efficient inputs services and farm-rural infrastructures. The basic agricultural inputs for modernized commercial production are land, Labour, modern farm capital, water, climate, power and entrepreneurship, while basic infrastructures that promote agricultural production include rural, physical, social, institutional and farm facilities. These inputs and infrastructures interact, thus have competitive, complimentary supportive, joint effect and consequently; the economics of inputs-infrastructures promotion raises quantitative, management, organizational, institutional and costs return implications that merit substantial research efforts in the context of the atomistic population of small holder farmers in Nigeria. Although government may facilitates, stimulates and promotes growth of Agriculture food production programme, success must ultimately depend on the multitude of farm household. To secure food security for the teaming population, various motivated programmes (farm settlement) and the co-operationalized systems must be updated. Hence Inputs-land, Labour, capital, power and entrepreneurship must be earnest in a way to favour production and basic rural-farm infrastructures.

Keywords: Food production, Input services, Rural infrastructures



How to cite this article: OSUOLALE TO, OGUNNIYI G (2015). Promoting Food Production Through Input Services and Rural Infrastructures. Acad. Res. J. Agri. Sci. Res. 3(8): 224-230.




Current Issue: August 2015


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  Vol. 3 No. 8

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