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Welcome to Academic Research Journals


All articles are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately after publication.

All submitted articles undergo a fast but rigorous peer-review procedure, with prompt publication. Authors publishing with Academic Research Journals retain the copyright to their work. Authors have the opportunity to publish short communications, full-length research, reviews. Academic Research Journals offers very affordable article-processing fees.

We provide worldwide research publications. Our dedicated technical and editorial team members ensure the quality of the published research articles are high.  We have very reputable and dedicated editorial board members from different academic fields which ensure the quality and review standards according to the international research publishing standards and quick publication of research articles. All accepted and published articles are provided online with free access to provide the academic community with latest and quality research free. 

All interested readers can read, download and/or print open access articles at no cost!


Articles can be read by millions of readers compared to publishing in a subscription journal.




















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